Beginners to SEO

Beginners to SEO
The original purpose of search engine optimization is to increase visibility for a website. It is one of the most popular means of getting free traffic to a website. And it has worked effectively over time. SEO includes the application of creative and technical elements for the improvement of website ranking.

If properly done, it can increase the traffic recorded by your website and also increase awareness of the search engine and your target audience; all these factors work together to improve website performance. In summary, SEO sees to it that your website is properly structured in a way easily understandable to the search engine. You web design effort should also be included with search engine optimization; it is in your best interest.

The benefits of SEO

SEO sees to it that your site appears on the first page of search engines. If you do things right, you may also end up in the first spot on search engines. The popular search engines that matter are Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Other methods can help drive traffic to your website, but the search engines do the job better than all the other methods of generating free traffic do not forget that most internet users conduct searches via search engines. The traffic derived from search engines are targeted, which means there is a high possibility of the visitor to perform the desired action on your website.

Effects of keywords

Search engines may be smart, but they still require human help. This is why your website should contain certain keywords or key phrases that can be used by the search engine in detecting the contents on your website. Those individuals are searching for one item or the other use particular keywords during their search.

Search engines will use the keywords provided by these individuals to pick out your website and present it to them. The website with keywords more relevant to what is being searched by the web visitor is presented first. The best way to benefit from this is to find out the keywords people search most and include it in your web content.

Do I need professionals?

You can decide to do the SEO by yourself while carrying our web design. However, you may be limited to the basics if you do not have the professional expertise. Many of these experts had been into SEO for a very long time and can, therefore benefit you with their expertise and experience in the industry. But if you want to save money, you can learn about SEO and get it done by yourself. If your website is not complex, any little knowledge you gain in SEO should be enough to set you on your path to internet popularity.

What are the components of SEO?

There are some essential components of SEO you should take note of. They are highlighted below

  • Keyword: You need targeted keywords and using the right keyword can shoot your page to the top position on search engines. You need to carry out proper keyword research to know the right keyword to use.
  • Meta tags: They describe your website and help attach the title to the keyword being searched by web surfers.
  • Web content: Content is king. The quality of your web content also determines how search engine will rate your website. Quality and informative contents always take the top position on search engines.
  • Backlinks: Backlinks help to spread the words about your website. It helps to link other related websites back to your page. It is in your best interest to link to those websites that have quality traffic and not to just any website.

There are several other things to know about SEO aside from the ones that have been discussed here. As a result, you need more than what had been provided here for a complete comprehension of SEO and how to apply it in your web design.

Custom Web Design

Custom Web Design

One of the best ways to give more visibility to your online business is via custom web design. More visibility will improve online popularity, which will increase the patronage for your business. Some commonplace issues may, however, reduce your site visibility and lead to reduction in the number of traffic. A drop in traffic equally hampers your ability to compete with others in your niche.

There are critical factors to consider during custom web designing. These factors can make or mar your online effort. If properly done, they can improve your interaction with the target audience and your competitive stance against others in your niche. These factors will be discussed in this write-up.


It is imperative to be distinct from your competitors when applying imagery to your website. Do not just blend the images blandly into the landscape of your website; stand out to get an outstanding benefit; this is even more important especially in a perplexing and homogenized market. It may not be viable hiring a photographer for custom images. This should not hamper your ability to make a difference. It is usually better to keep away, altogether from general business imagery; rather, you should take an extra conceptual approach to things, it is better to add sparkling imagery, layouts, and colors to the website to make a difference.


When providing content on your website, make sure it is focused on the original intention. Your visitors are more disposed to contents that talk about solutions, rather than one that just gives general information that does not achieve the desired end. While providing the expected information, make the content as simple as possible so that your readers can be carried along. Make sure the contents can accommodate the varying mental capability of your readers.
The content on your website should tell the visitor exactly what you do in a manner as simple and as straightforward as possible. The reader should see you as standing for something specific. One of the best investments you can ever make on your website is making the content highly readable.

Target vital content

Make sure only the pertinent information is prioritized on your website. This can improve the response on your website a great deal. Make sure all the important aspects that you want the visitors to see are presented in a very easy and straightforward manner. Try as much as possible not to diversify from the point, and your visitors will praise you for it. If you need to talk about an off topic, why not create a new website for it and drive traffic from your existing website to that other website? Keeping focused on just a topic of discussion will help your visitors to concentrate while going through the content on your website; an off topic will automatically divert their attention, which is not good.

Content is king

This is one factor you must never forget while doing web design. You need to customise your web content and make sure it is in line with the purpose and name of the site. Proper search engine optimization of the web content is also crucial. Never forget also to make your website highly responsive as this can encourage your readers to always come back for more. The readers may be discouraged if the web content loads too slowly. Avoid too many images or videos on the website so as not to slow down its response.

You need to stand out when building your website and adding content; this is the best way to win the hearts of your visitors and make your web design effort to bear the desired fruit.