Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

You need to know the significant ranking factors during search engine optimization. In this write-up, you will be intimated about these factors. Putting them into consideration will make your SEO efforts to bear the expected fruit. Continue reading to find out about them.


It makes it easy for a search engine to index all the pages present on your website properly. This is adjudged as the most effective and simplest way to tell Google about the pages you have included on your website.

Domain trust

Google will rank your site higher if your site is trustworthy. Yeah, trust matters a lot. You can build trust by linking out to authority sites and adding privacy terms and policies. The level of trust can also be determined by how many chrome users block your website, especially if you want your website to rank on Google search engine. Adding sources and references to your website can also make popular search engines to see your website as trustworthy.

Server location

When your server is located in your home country or the country of your target audience, you stand a chance of having your website rated highly by popular search engines. If your server is located elsewhere from the country of your target, you should not delay in making the necessary transfer.

Mobile optimization

An estimated 46% of internet surfers browsed using their mobile devices; the percentage would have increased by now. It is certain that your search engine ranking will be positively affected if you optimise your website for mobile devices.

Google search console integration

Verification of your site at Google Webmasters Tools can also help to index your site. Also, you can get precious data that can be used in optimizing your site via the tool.

Number of linking domains and pages

This is also a very important consideration for SEO. Your site gets optimised better as the number of lining domains increase. The number of link king pages is also very important to your website optimization effort.  Having links from individual domains is better than from just one domain.

Domain authority of the linking pages

It is not enough to have links from other sites; those other sites should have domain authority for their linking to be relevant in optimizing your website. Always keep in mind that not all pages are equal.  Find out if that page as low authority or high authority before linking it to your website.

Links to your page should also be relevant to the content on your page.  Never add links that have no positive bearing or association with the content on your website.  When adding links to your website, make sure the links are to the home page of the other website; this carries more weight and recognition compared to when you link to some other pages on that website. The anchor text is also very important.

Your search engine optimization effort can bear the desired fruit if you adopt as many of tips provide above as possible. You will get a far better result if you allow professionals to get the job done.